• FAQs


    Your page talks a lot about anxiety. Do you work with people with other issues?

    Absolutely. People come to my practice for a wide variety of reasons (depression, trauma, relationship conflicts, life transitions, parenting concerns). I have special expertise in treating anxiety and do great work with anxious clients, so I highlight it on my page. No matter what is bringing you to therapy, I offer a free phone consultation so that you can get a feel for whether I’m the therapist for you.

    I went to therapy before, and it didn’t help. Why should I try again?

    Therapy is such a personal experience, and finding the right therapist for you doesn’t always happen on the first try. Therapists vary widely in personality, style, and expertise. I encourage you to reach out to more than one therapist, have some consultations, and choose a therapist who is a great fit for you. Think of it this way: if you saw a doctor you didn’t like, you probably wouldn’t conclude that medical care doesn’t work.

    What will sessions be like? What happens if I don’t know what to talk about?

    Therapy is your time to talk about whatever feels important to you. It may something that happened to you during the week, something going on in your relationships, or something from your past that’s bothering you. If you’re struggling with what to talk about, let’s talk about the struggle! Feeling like there’s nothing to say sometimes means there’s something really important going on that is hard to say out loud. Whatever is on your mind, my job is to use my feelings and my curiosity about you to offer up a perspective you may not see on your own.

    How long will I be in therapy?

    It depends on what’s going on for you. Some people come to therapy with a very specific goal in mind, get what they need in a few months, and move on. Others stay in therapy long term because they enjoy having the space each week for deeper self-exploration. We’ll spend time talking about our relationship, how the therapy is going, and what being finished with therapy means for you.

    Do you offer in person sessions?

    Yes, I have in person sessions available on Fridays at my office in Manhattan.