• Counseling for Anxiety

    Counseling for Anxiety

    If you struggle with anxiety, you know how overwhelming and debilitating it can be. It wakes you up at night and makes you skip meals (or maybe overeat for comfort). The tension in your body, restlessness, and feelings of panic can make it impossible to do anything that might offer relief. You may feel ashamed to admit how much you are suffering: other people seem to have much more difficult lives than yours, what right do you have to be so distressed?

    I work with people who struggle with anxiety and perfectionism like you do. They push themselves so hard at work and in their relationships. They handle everything for everyone around them, they agree to more work and activities when they really need a break, and they make sure not to let anyone see that they are falling apart. By the time they come to see me, they are exhausted, disappointed in themselves for not setting better boundaries, and resentful of the people in their lives who expect so much of them.

    When we start to explore the “why” behind all the busy-ness, we often find deep doubts about self-worth and unaddressed pain from earlier in life. If you see yourself on this page, know that it is possible to explore those experiences and feelings instead of avoiding them, and in doing so, to take your life back. I won’t take away your drive; I will work with you on setting boundaries and caring for yourself so that you can go after what you want without beating yourself up.

    You don’t have to keep pushing so hard. Reach out to me for a free phone consultation.